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Reach to Recovery International full membership is open to programs, organizations, and groups that offer support to breast cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers through peer support, advocacy, and consumer involvement in research.  Membership is free of charge, although RRI gratefully accepts contributions to help defray its operational costs and fulfill its mission.

Reach to Recovery International Member Organizations are required to re-apply for membership 3 years after their initial application is accepted and every 3 years thereafter by certifying that they continue to follow RRI’s current Guiding Principles and Membership Code of Conduct.

Any individual interested in breast cancer supportive care, advocacy, and research is welcome to subscribe to RRI’s mailing list free of charge.  By subscribing to RRI’s mailing list, individuals gain access to the latest conference news and twice-yearly editions of our e-newsletter, Bloom.

RRI full membership for programs, groups, and organizations

Reach to Recovery International and its affiliates seek to improve the quality of life of women with breast cancer and their families by nurturing volunteer peer support and promoting other services to meet their needs, such as advocacy and consumer involvement in research.

Programs, groups, and organizations working to improve the quality of lives of those affected by breast cancer are eligible to join Reach to Recovery International as an RRI Member Organization.

Benefits for Member Organizations include:

  • Inclusion in RRI’s global network of affiliates;
  • Use of the RRI Member logo (upon request);
  • A listing of your organization’s name and Member Organization status on the RRI website;
  • Inclusion of you organization’s logo and and web link on RRI’s website (upon request);
  • A certificate of recognition;
  • A letter of support for your special occasions from the RRI President (upon request);
  • Receipt of RRI’s e-newsletter as well as periodic updates on important conferences and other events throughout the international breast cancer community.

Organizations that currently hold full memberships:

American Cancer Society, USA
Borstkanker Vlaanderen, Belgium
BreaCan, Australia
Breakthrough Cancer Trust, Zambia
Breast Cancer Care, UK
Breast Cancer Support, Inc., New Zealand
Bricon Foundation, Nigeria
Chinese Cancer Rehabilitation Society, People’s Republic of China
Choices Cancer Support Centre, Australia
Donna Ukraine
Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation
Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation
Link to Life, Mauritius
National Cancer Society Malaysia
New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
Norwegian Breast Cancer Society
Patient’s Friends Society, Jerusalem
Sarawak Breast Cancer Support Group, Malaysia
Swaziland Breast and Cervical Cancer Network
Reach for Recovery Kenya
Reach for Recovery South Africa
Reach to Recovery Surabaya, Indonesia
Tanzania Breast Cancer Foundation
Vencer a Viver, Portugal

Apply to be an RRI Member Organization:

Apply now to become an RRI Member Organization and be part of a growing and respected global network of RRI affiliates. Simply follow the steps below.

Re-apply to be an RRI Member Organization:

Re-apply now to remain an RRI Member Organization if 3 years has past since your initial acceptance as a Member Organization or your last re-application.

About RRI Member Organizations

RRI Member Organizations have accepted the RRI Guiding Principles and Membership Code of Conduct, and are committed to improving the lives of those affected by breast cancer and their families.

Reach to Recovery International does not provide direct training, review, or oversight of Member Organizations and is not responsible for the actions of individual member groups.

Any Member Organization found to be operating not in accordance with the RRI Guiding Principles and Membership Code of Conduct is subject to losing its membership.

If an RRI member group is not acting in accordance with the principles and guidelines of RRI, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]

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