Reach to Recovery International (RRI) serves as an umbrella organization for Reach to Recovery programs and similar programs and organizations throughout the world. RRI assists its affiliates in improving the quality of life of women with breast cancer and their families through peer support, advocacy, and consumer involvement in research.

19th RRI Conference!

More than 200 delegates and speakers representing 29 different countries gather in Prague from 12-15 June for the 19th Reach to Recovery International Breast Cancer Support Conference! The conference theme, Building bridges toward recovery, emphasized the importance of working together to support and advocate for breast cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. At the same time, it paid homage to the scenic bridges which span the Vltava river that runs through the Prague.

About RRI

In 1952, Terese Lasser, advocate and breast cancer survivor, worked tirelessly to establish a peer support network for women with breast cancer, founding the Reach to Recovery movement. Find out more about RRI’s history, mission, and much more.

Bloom eNewsletter

Bloom, the RRI e-newsletter, promotes the global exchange of current information on training, advocacy, research, volunteers, and peer support. Bloom is available free of charge to RRI Members and the general public.
Reach to Recovery International is built on one simple yet universal principle: a woman who has lived through breast cancer and gives freely of her time to help another woman facing the same experience is a valuable source of support. Reach to Recovery International is committed to working to improve the quality of life of women with breast cancer and their families through a wide range of services offered worldwide.
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